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Wildlands Engineering, Inc. is seeking a Water Resources Engineer - December 2014

Wildlands Engineering is seeking a dynamic individual to join our growing Virginia Team in our Fairfax office. We are looking for a water resources engineer with a background in stream surveys and assessments, stormwater management, hydrologic/hydraulic modeling, construction document production, and construction management to work with senior designers and project managers to assist with design of complex ecosystem restoration projects, watershed planning, and stormwater BMP design. The preferred candidate should have 1 to 4 years of experience and understand the ecologic and hydrologic processes important to water resources engineering and ecosystem restoration in the Southeastern United States. Overnight travel and ability to deal with long field days is necessary. Experience with surveying equipment, AutoCAD Civil 3D/Land Desktop, report writing, and hydraulic and hydrologic modeling is expected. A graduate degree in a related field and/or professional licensure as an Engineering Intern or Professional Engineer is preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to:
Charlotte Kinney // ckinney@wildlandseng.com
1430 S. Mint Street, Suite 104
Charlotte, NC 28203
Fax: 704-332-3306

Status: Open; accepting resumes

Our Morgan Creek stream restoration project has officially launched! - September 2014

We're thrilled to announce that the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, Inc. (HRWC) has hired Wildlands Engineering, Inc. to restore 1,100 linear feet of Morgan Creek along US Hwy 74. Check out the latest HRWC newsletter that features this stream restoration project, along with a link to the project's online story map:

Kyle Halchin, EI joins the Wildlands Engineering, Inc. team! - July 2014

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. welcomes Kyle Halchin, EI to the Charlotte office. Mr. Halchin, who recently graduated from North Carolina State Univeristy with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Engineering (environmental concentration), will serve as one of our environmental designers. He has experience in water resources and water modeling, as well as in various engineering design and modeling programs. Mr. Halchin's skills will allow him to assist with CAD design assistance and design development, preparation of construction plans, ecosystem design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, field data collection, site analysis, and existing and post-construction conditions assessment.

Join us in welcoming Kyle to the Wildlands team! // Connect with Kyle on LinkedIn!

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. welcomes Greg Turner, EI to the team! - July 2014

Wildlands Engineering is pleased to announce the recent addition of Greg Turner, EI to our Raleigh office. Mr. Turner serves as an environmental designer in the Wildlands Engineering Raleigh office. He has 3 years of experience working on a variety of projects including stormwater BMP design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, stream restoration design and monitoring, wetland and stream mitigation bank design, erosion and sediment control, construction monitoring and reporting, construction cost estimation, stormwater pollution prevention plans, and wetland delineations. Mr. Turner is a team player and enjoys assisting with the planning and managing of business, marketing, and accounting aspects of environmental engineering projects.

Join us in welcoming Greg to the Wildlands team! // Connect with Greg on LinkedIn!

Wildlands has launched the Reedy Creek Stream Restoration Project website! - June 2014

Wildlands Engineering was selected to perform the first design-build project to generate stream and wetland mitigation units for the City of Charlotte Umbrella Stream and Wetland Mitigation Bank. This pilot project is located within the environmentally significant Reedy Creek Nature Preserve and will involve restoration of deeply incised, eroded stream channels to appropriately sized bankfull channels with access to a floodplain and preservation of existing high quality streams and wetlands. The project is expected to deliver up to 28,000 Stream Mitigation Units (SMUs) and up to 3.0 Wetland Mitigation Units (WMUs).

Because the Reedy Creek project is located within an active park, Wildlands has coordinated directly with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services to develop a website that will provide project updates to Reedy Creek Nature Preserve’s patrons and neighbors. Click here to check out the website! »

Asheville, North Carolina Office Opening - January 2014

To support prompt service to western North Carolina and beyond, Wildlands is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Asheville, North Carolina. This office, located at 15 Possum Trot, Suite 1 in Asheville, will allow us to effectively offer ecologically focused engineering services to our clients in this region. Our Asheville team is led by Mr. Jake McLean, PE, CFM. Jake has 12 years of experience in stream and wetland restoration, stormwater management, hydraulic & hydrologic modeling, sediment transport modeling, erosion control, environmental permitting, floodplain management, and civil site design for greenways and other urban projects. Working with Jake is Mr. Scott Gregory, GISP. Scott has 14 years of experience in GIS modeling and analysis, stormwater management, watershed planning and assessment, stream geomorphic assessment and design, surveying, and construction management. Jake and Scott have worked together in the past on ecosystem restoration, stormwater planning, water quality studies, floodplain management, and related services.

Jake can be reached by phone at (828) 545-3865 or via email at jmclean@wildlandseng.com.
Scott can be reached by phone at (704) 451-2177 or via email at sgregory@wildlandseng.com.

Our president, Shawn Wilkerson, was presented the Environmental Award by Resource Institute, Inc. and Pilot View RC&D on August 13, 2013.

The award commends Shawn's long-term, dedicated efforts to water quality improvement through exceptional stream restoration and recreational development designs in North Carolina and the southeastern United States. Resource Institute and Pilot View noted that Shawn's consistent enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge, and recognized expertise have significantly enhanced our natural resources and improved the overall quality of life for all citizens within the region. Congratulations, Shawn!

Charleston, South Carolina Office Opening - August, 2013

To support prompt service to our South Carolina clients, Wildlands is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Charleston, South Carolina. This office, located at 890 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite 205 (Building 3) in Mount Pleasant, will allow us to effectively offer ecologically focused engineering, watershed planning and water quality management services to support ecosystem restoration and mitigation solutions within South Carolina. Our South Carolina team is led by Mr. Daniel Johnson PE, PH, CFM. Daniel was born and raised in South Carolina and has eight years of experience in the assessment and design of stream and wetland restoration projects and hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling. Daniel can be reached on his mobile at (803) 360-8806 or via email at djohnson@wildlandseng.com.

Wildlands Engineering Inc. is seeking a Resources Engineer/Engineering Intern and an Environmental Scientist/Planner – Landscape Architect

Water Resources Engineer/Engineering Intern

Wildlands Engineering is seeking a dynamic individual to join our growing South Carolina Team in our Charleston office. We are looking for an engineer or engineering intern with a background in water resources engineering. The preferred candidate should have 2-6 years' experience and be capable of processing and manipulating existing condition (survey) and design data to produce construction documents and support design and project decisions. Duties will include working with our team to develop complex ecosystem restoration designs, simulating hydrologic and hydraulic computational models, and supporting watershed planning and storm water management and best management practice design. Past experience with AutoCAD Civil 3D, hydraulic and hydrologic computational modeling, and technical written and the ability to manage time and task independently is expected.


  • An understand of the ecologic and hydrologic processes important to ecosystem restoration in the Southeastern United States
  • Relevant professional certifications and licenses and/or a graduate degree in a related field
  • Past experience with natural channel design and wetland restoration, storm water management and design; soil and erosion control recommendations and NPDES permitting; no rise studies and FEMA permitting; water quality, hydrologic and hydraulic computational modeling; department of transportation and municipal government coordination and projects; Microstation V8; Geographic Information Systems; surveying and Department of the Army and state permitting

Environmental Scientist/Planner – Landscape Architect

Wildlands Engineering is seeking a dynamic individual to join our growing South Carolina Team in our Charleston office. We are looking for an environmental scientist, environmental planner or landscape architect with a background in environmental permitting and planning and more than 4 years of experience. Duties will include performing wetland delineations and stream assessments, working with our team to develop complex ecosystem restoration designs, and providing Department of the Army and state permitting, watershed planning, and public coordination services. Past experience with Geographic Information Systems, technical writing, wetland delineations and jurisdictional determination request, public coordination and Department of the Army and state permitting is expected. Experience with stream and wetland restoration, Department of transportation and municipal government coordination and projects, and the NEPA process is preferred. Relevant professional certifications and licenses and/or a graduate degree are preferred but not required.

Please Send Resume and Cover Letter by July 26, 2013 to: Charlotte Kinney, 1430 S. Mint Street, Suite 104, Charlotte, NC 28203 ckinney@wildlandseng.com, fax: 704-332-3306.

Wildlands Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Mike Fowler, PE to our Charlottesville, Virginia office.

Mr. Fowler will serve as our Virginia Team leader. He brings with him over 20 years of experience in stream and wetland assessments, ecosystem restoration, watershed planning, stormwater master plans, floodplain studies, design of stormwater management systems, and water quality monitoring. His well-rounded experience and existing relationships in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina will serve our clients well. Mr. Fowler can be reached by phone at 571.257.4266 or via email at mfowler@wildlandseng.com.

Construction was recently completed on two full-delivery mitigation sites for the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program

The Little Troublesome Creek Mitigation Site in Rockingham County will provide 4,900 Stream Mitigation Units (SMUs) and 12.7 Wetland Mitigation Units (WMUs) in the Cape Fear River basin. The Lyle Creek Mitigation Site in Catawba County will provide 5,779 SMUs and 7 WMUs in the Catawba River basin.

Wildlands Engineering sponsored The Hiawassee River Watershed Coalition Holman Water Quality Stewardship Awards Banquet on March 24th.
Wildland Engineering President Shawn Wilkerson quoted in Charlotte Observer article about the Little Sugar Creek stream restoration project.
Wildlands Engineering sponsors the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services' Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference in Cumberland Maryland - November 14–17, 2011

Come by and visit our booth. Shawn Wilkerson and Dan Sweet will be making presentations. Visit http://www.fws.gov/chesapeakebay/Masrc/index.html for more information.

Little Sugar Creek Greenway Opens a new link designed by Wildlands Engineering
Lone Oak Mitigation Bank in Charlottesville, VA as-built monitoring complete.

More information to come

Wildlands Engineering's Scaly Bark Creek completes construction and as-built monitoring.

More Information to come

Wildlands Engineering is awarded a new contract by Mecklenburg County for work on Torrence Creek - March 2011

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a stream restoration design project from Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services. The project includes X linear feet of stream and floodplain enhancement and restoration on Torrence Creek and its tributaries in Huntersville, NC.

"We are excited to continue working with Mecklenburg County to improve water quality in the Mountain Island Lake watershed. "

Awarded Full-Delivery Mitigation contracts from the NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program totaling over $11.6 Million - July, 2011

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded Full-Delivery Mitigation contracts from the North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program (EEP) totaling over $11.6 M in value for restoring and enhancing approximately 100 acres of riparian buffer, 25,000 feet of stream, and 67 acres of riparian wetlands. This award follows up successful contracts of $6.1 M in 2010 for restoring and enhancing over 50 acres of riparian buffer, 16,800 feet of stream and 31 acres of wetlands.

"We are extremely pleased to continue our strong relationship with EEP and winning these contracts shows our dedication to bringing high quality, cost effective mitigation projects to the table," commented John Hutton, Vice President of Mitigation Services. The EEP, a division of the N. C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources, restores and protects wetlands and waterways for future generations while offsetting unavoidable environmental damage from economic development. The EEP offers in-lieu fee mitigation programs designed to assist private and public entities with state and federal compensatory mitigation for streams, wetlands, riparian buffers, and nutrients. 

"Working with landowners to develop a plan to restore and protect streams and wetlands on their property while enabling them to maintain their existing use of the land is what we love to do.  I think this passion really helps us put together top notch projects," explains Robert Bugg, Land Acquisition Manager.  To provide necessary credits, the EEP's Full-Delivery Program solicits bids from private firms and landowners for sites with streams and/or wetlands in need of restoration.

Wildlands Engineering Purchased by Employees - May 23, 2011

Employees of Wildlands Engineering, Inc. are excited to announce their purchase of the company from the former parent corporation, Wildlands, Inc. Wildlands Engineering was founded in 2007 and provides engineering, mitigation banking, and consulting services to a diverse group of clients, including private and public developers, government agencies, and environmental non-profits. Major services include:

  • Stream, Wetland, and Habitat Mitigation
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration
  • Water Quality Management and Mitigation
  • Watershed and Environmental Planning

"Working with our colleagues in California at Wildlands, Inc. was a great experience but the two companies were moving in different directions and the sale just made sense for both sides," commented Wildlands Engineering President, Shawn Wilkerson. "While the ownership has changed, our day-to-day project work and our relationships with clients, landowners, and regulators will continue unchanged." The Wildlands Engineering team of dedicated water resource engineers, hydrologists, ecologists, and GIS analysts possesses extensive experience in all aspects of stream and wetland restoration, watershed planning and assessment, and water quality best management practices.

"We believe the employee ownership will only enhance the work that we do and the organization that we build. Everyone is excited about the opportunity," Wilkerson continues. Wildlands Engineering is working with a marketing firm to create a new brand, logo, and website to set them apart from the former parent company. Wildlands Engineering intends on focusing on their core client base while working to establish a stronger foothold in the Virginia mitigation market. "We truly want to be the top ecosystem services firm in the Southeast, that's our goal," adds Wilkerson.

Wildlands Engineering is a fully licensed engineering firm specializing in water resources management and ecological restoration. The firm focuses its efforts on outstanding client service while delivering innovative ecological projects. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the firm also has offices in Raleigh, NC, and Charlottesville, VA.

Please contact us to learn more about our services.

Mr. Shawn Wilkerson, President
Wildlands Engineering, Inc.